Long Term Simple Interest

Long-term simple interest bonds present a compelling investment opportunity for those seeking stability and predictability in their portfolio. The primary advantage of these bonds lies in the straightforwardness of their interest calculation, where interest is calculated only on the principal amount, making it easier for investors to forecast their earnings over the bond’s tenure. This feature is particularly beneficial in a long-term investment strategy, as it provides a consistent and predictable income stream, devoid of the complexities and volatilities associated with compound interest or fluctuating market rates.

Moreover, long-term bonds often offer higher interest rates compared to short-term bonds, rewarding investors for their extended commitment. This can be especially appealing in times of low-interest rates, offering a sanctuary for capital preservation and steady income. In essence, long-term simple interest bonds are a cornerstone for investors looking for a low-risk avenue to secure and grow their wealth over time, providing a solid foundation in diversified investment portfolios.

REICI's Simple Interest Rate Bonds

In some cases, an investor needs and wants a current Fixed Income product that can provide the maximum current income. With a minimum amount of risk, that can be adjusted to:

All REICI Bonds are Interest-Only Bonds. 
We make  quarterly interest-only payments during the bond term and the principal balance is returned at maturity.

Simple Interest Bond Calculator

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It can help you get organized and make better investment decisions.

Investment strategy is beneficial because it will help you save more money in the long run. 

Questions? You’re Covered

Learn more about simple interest with the below frequently asked questions.

Interest shall be earned monthly and paid quarterly in arrears and shall begin to accrue on the first day of the next calendar month after the Investor’s purchase proceeds are deposited into REICI’s bank account (the “Effective Date”).

Interest will be calculated based upon a three hundred sixty (360) day year or twelve (12) equal monthly periods.

Interest payments will be electronically deposited directly into the Investor’s bank account.

In the event an individual property defaulted on our first lien debt, REICI would be in a position to foreclose on the property.  Just like any other mortgage lender.

If this were to happen, it should not affect our Bond Investors, since the Bonds are not tied to any single property. Interest payments are cross-collateralized against our entire portfolio of loans.

REICI is exploring multiple different liquidity options for our Bond Investors but investors should plan to hold these bonds to maturity in the event a liquidity vehicle can not be established.

We are also planning several different Bonds with differing holding periods and interest rates. Providing Bond Investors with a menu of options.

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