CFO & Co-Founder

Gregg Saunders

Gregg has over 20 years of leadership experience within Finance that includes CFO, Partner, Director, Senior Manager positions, and KPMG audit Partner. His career-spanning portfolio of achievements includes full-scale turnarounds, start-up growth, and key XBRL initiatives. Recognized as a Leading Expert of the US GAAP Taxonomy. 

Qualifications Overview:
Accomplished senior finance executive with a broad financial-operational-business background applicable to multiple industries. Extensive background in creating big-picture strategies, assembling and leading highly skilled teams, ensuring full regulatory compliance, and driving change/improvement within established organizations. Expertise in financial and business principles, procedures, and best practices. Extensive accounting and operations knowledge with systems, journals, internal controls, and policies/procedures, including strategies for effective implementation.

Knowledge & Skill Areas:
Financial & Accounting Executive Management; Strategic Financial Planning & Execution; Team Building & Leadership; Financial Forecasting & Modeling; Regulatory Compliance; Financial Process Improvement; Auditing Leadership; Tax & Treasury Operations; Accounting Operations Management; Staff Training & Mentoring; Executive-Level Collaborations; Extensive International Background (Latin America, Europe, Asia).

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