Pool Investors

We sell bonds to investors and pool that capital into a fund

Make Loans

The fund makes commercial real estate loans

Pay Interest

The fund pays interest to bond holders quarterly


Redeem your bond early or hold until maturity

Pool Investors

7 .5%

Annual Simple Interest

3 .19%

CRE Historical Delinquency
Rate - St Louis Fed Data

Join Your Peers to Make Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate lending is one of the best risk adjusted return investments in the world, which is why banks use these loans as the cornerstone of their investment portfolios.

Investors take the role of the bank in a traditional real estate deal, earning high yield, asset-backed, predictable cash-flow streams.

Make Loans

Conservative Loans on High Quality Properties

Low loan-to-value ratios, not to exceed 65%, on class A, stabilized, commercial real estate properties mitigates a large amount of the default risk.
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Pay Interest

Consistent Passive Income

Quarterly Payments

To accommodate the intricate process of managing diverse loan schedules and ensuring accuracy in payments, we distribute earnings quarterly. This approach allows sufficient time for thorough verification, guaranteeing that every investor is compensated accurately and fairly.

Very Low Volatility

3 .19%

Average Historical Commercial Real Estate
Delinquency Rate :
St Louis Fed - Economic Data

The above delinquency rate includes the years from The Great Recession as well as The Savings and Loan Crisis where delinquencies were far above average. 

Low delinquencies stem from strong borrower incentives to avoid property foreclosure by the bank.

Flexible Refinance

Redeem Full Principal Value on Your Schedule

We offer regular opportunities for investors to liquidate their bonds, unshackling them from the volatility of bond markets. 

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