Collateralized Income Investing

Collateralized income streams, particularly through loans, stand as a bedrock financial asset for astute investors seeking both security and profitability in their portfolios. The essence of these investments lies in their collateralized nature; each loan is secured by tangible assets, ensuring a safety net that significantly mitigates risk. This security is not just about safeguarding capital; it’s about providing a stable foundation upon which consistent, reliable returns can be built.

For investors, this means the dual benefit of enjoying attractive yields while enjoying the peace of mind in knowing their investment is underpinned by real, assessable value. In volatile markets, the importance of such stability cannot be overstated. It offers a clear path to wealth accumulation, free from the sleepless nights associated with higher-risk ventures. Collateralized commercial real estate loans embody the smart investor’s dream: the ability to achieve compelling returns without compromising on safety, making them an indispensable part of a diversified investment strategy.

Fianance Planning & Strategy

In some cases, our clients are often surprised by the possibilities our bond products present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ways to plan for the future:

Questions? You’re Covered

Learn more about collateralized income investing with these frequently asked questions.

In some cases, the properties we lend against will be owned by the REI Capital Growth investment fund. However, in other cases our loan underwriting team may select other property owners, to provide debt financing.  In all cases, it is the evaluation of the property, it location and the tenant leases that determine whether or not we provide the financing.

REI Capital Income, will own and service all commercial loans that we make. 

Like any other mortgage lender REICI will require adequate property insurance, in case of damage.  In these situations, the lender is secured by the insurance.  

Remember – The lender gets paid first!  The owners get paid last!

Like any other mortgage lender REICI will also require Title Insurance.  Which means that our loan to the property is recorded against the property and the Title to the property can not be transferred to another party unless the debt to REICI has been paid.

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